Sunday, February 5, 2012

He is an Alternate Foods Yoghurt

You know Yogurt, maybe even diligently eating yogurt every day. Yogurt is known as a prebiotic food supplements because they contain live bacteria that could improve the balance in the gut.

Actually yogurt is not the only prebiotic foods that are all around us, there are many foods that you eat everyday, and it also contains good bacteria for the stomach.

In order not curious, here's some food substitute Yoghurt:

soybean are essentially contain some of the benefits of probiotics


Soybeans alone are essentially contain some of the benefits of probiotics. Some soy milk products are available on the market today has added levels of active bacteria. As well as buying yogurt, make sure the information stated on the packaging label 'live and active cultures'.

pickles mixed
When you buy fried rice, fried noodles, or Chinese dishes with an added pickles, do not immediately throw it away because it did not like. There are also really, not too sour pickle sweet that even tends to be eaten immediately. Pickles contain enough amount of useful prebiotic for digestive health.

Miso soup is much healthier

Miso soup
Japanese cuisine is one of a soup made ​​of vegetable broth, with tofu and a little fill in the form of vegetables. As a whole into a low-calorie dish, but rich in probiotics and protein. Miso soup is much healthier than cream soups, especially the fast food cans.

Kombucha tea

Kombucha tea
These teas are usually available at health food stores. Kombucha itself including black tea which is known to increase energy and help the digestive system. Can be served hot or cold.


Kimchi is still strong Korean flavor tend to be sour and spicy. However, fermented vegetables are rich in vitamins, calcium, and prebiotics, and therefore you should not miss while you served on a plate.