Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beauty and intelligence are Parallel

Lined a scholarship at the prestigious American universities, Ivy League, scholarly journals and writes the best thesis, and believe in the passion for selecting a preferred career. This is the celebrity that you've been familiar on the big screen, television, and radio but have achievement and intelligence above average. Be prepared to be inspired to exude charm on you.

Jodie Foster is known by a myriad of accomplishments in the field of films since 1988. Academic achievement in the field was no less impressive. He graduated magna cum laude at Yale University for penjurusan literature. In addition to speaking fluent French, he used to speak Italian and German. Had also received his honorary Doctor of Fine Arts in 1994.

Sharon Stone. since childhood has a tremendous achievement in addition to appearances on the big screen fascinated him. In the middle class, he had followed the Saegertown High School and entered the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania at the age of 15. With his IQ is in the numbers 148, Sharon many associations of people alleged to be members of the prestigious Mensa smart.

Natalie Portman, famous for his quote, "I prefer [to] be smart than a movie star. I do not care about my school ruin my career." Proved by him as our one of the best graduate the prestigious Ivy League university, Harvard. He also mastered several languages ​​and has written several scientific journals.

Kate Beckinsale. Beyond the life of the big screen, she also had won three times WH Smith Young Writers, fiction and poetry of a prestigious competition in the UK. He also enrolled at the university's prestigious Oxford University.

Mira Sorvino won the Academy Awards are known since for Best Supporting Actress for the film Mighty Aphrodite in 1995. Not separated from the great achievements of intellect that inspired many people. Evidenced by Hoopes award for his thesis in college he made about racial conflict in China. He is also a Harvard graduate with superior magna cum laude status.

Alicia Keys. R & B singer had received a full scholarship at Columbia University who also is one of the prestigious university in America. Amount of passion in music made ​​him leave the study and success as a singer.

Geena Davis. It is hard to categorize this intelligent woman. He was more than just an actress, because it has a myriad of achievements and good qualified by academics. Thanks to his high IQ, he can join the club of international genius, Mensa.

Aishwarya Rai. This is a typical Bollywood actress intelligent woman with a majority of the value of A at each study that passed through the Ruparel College, India. He graduated in architecture and master several foreign languages ​​and language variants smoothly India.