Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tips for Choosing Match Face Shape Earrings

Tips for Choosing Match Face Shape Earrings

Despite its small, the use of earrings that are close to the face can have a major influence. Error using this type of earrings can make the face look wider or disproportionate. What kind of earrings to match your face?

Is your face round? Box? Or oval? Earrings what suits your face type? Consider the following guidelines in this gallery.

Round Face: If the width and length of your face about the same, meaning you are the owner of a round face like Cameron Diaz. Long earrings that narrowed at the bottom of the suit worn for special occasions. Earrings of this type could create the impression of the face is longer and slimmer. Avoid hoop (hoop earrings), which is too small earrings or earrings are made from thick to make the face look more solid.

Cameron Diaz

Heart Faces
: For daily activities, the owner of this face shape can choose earrings shaped like a grain that is used Scarlett Johansson, or the width of the triangle on the bottom. Avoid earrings shaped like your face is wide above and narrowed below. Shaped earrings will make your jaw line look more narrow.

Scarlett Johansson

Heart Faces : Owner of the heart-shaped face like Reese Witherspoon, the curve of her face is almost similar to an oval face. The difference is, the owner of the forehead is slightly wider face and grooves over the cheekbones to the chin looks pointy. Owner of the face of this type should choose earrings that can give the illusion of a longer face and jaw a little wider. Long earrings are smaller on top and wider at the bottom can be selected.

Reese Witherspoon

Faces Box : The face is shaped like a box is a combination of round and square face shape. Paris Hilton faces the owner of this type always look up to with long earrings are round or oval, or circular hoop or known by the name of hoop earrings. In essence, the owner of this face should avoid the big earrings, shaped elbows or rigid.

Paris Hilton

Oval face : For length, matching the proportion of the face and neck. If in doubt choose the length of earrings you should select that is not longer than your chin. To the size, adjust the width of the face to look like Julia Roberts remained proportional.

Julia Roberts

Round Face : Earrings rectangular shape, inverted triangle, or oval as used Kirsten Dunst has always been the right choice to make the face look longer.

Kirsten Dunst

Diamond face : If your face is wider at the middle and tapered at the forehead and chin means you have a diamond shaped face. For this face type, choose earrings that narrowed at the top and broad at the bottom. Earrings are short, triangular-shaped grains of water or could be an option for owners who face this type with Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba

Faces Box : The right earrings can make the face look softer lines and sweet. The use of long earrings are strongly advised to make the face seem slimmer as exemplified Demi Moore. Small earrings, round or droplets of water can also be used for everyday occasions. For special events, select long earrings accented with round or oval.

Demi Moore

Oval face : Long face and not too wide at the top and bottom is ideal. Almost all types of earrings to match the style of the owner of Megan Foxs face it. Pearl earrings, simple earrings, or earrings in the form of water droplets is the most suitable types of earrings to wear on an oval face.

Megan Foxs

Diamond face : For long earrings, select the grooved as used Nicole Kidman, and not a straight flat earrings can make the face look even sharper elbows. The best option is a short earrings that can balance the width of the curve of your chin to be more sweet.

Nicole Kidman