Sunday, January 15, 2012

Appearing Beautiful with Color Turquoise

Turquoise is a bluish green color. Some call it blue sea. The name turquoise itself is taken from a kind of precious stone, turquoise or turquoise. In 2012, the turquoise is predicted to be one color on the rise, not only for the color of the dress, but also accessories. For example as shown below celebrities.

Rose McGowan in a turquoise gown

Vanessa Evigan wearing a turquoise scarf

Kendra Wilkinson brought turquoise clutch bag

Nicky Hilton with turquoise necklace

Jessica Chastain with long earrings turquoise color

Ruby Rose brings the color turquoise handbag

Eliza Doolittle with turquoise wedges shoes

Victoria Justice wore a turquoise-colored skinny jeans

Cobie Smulders in a turquoise gown

Chanel Iman in a turquoise gown

Rihanna with fringe dress the color of turquoise

Anna Kendrick with a turquoise dress

Victoria Beckham with a cropped blazer turquoise