Saturday, January 28, 2012

Celebrity Choosing The Right Mascara

Choosing The Right Mascara

Mascara is one of the favorite types of make-up Celebrity woman who can be used both for casual events and parties. Almost all the celebrity world never leaves the house without mascara. Application of mascara on the eyelashes can make eyes look more attractive if only by a thin makeup. To get the most out of makeup, consider this:

Taylor Swift Choosing The Right Mascara

Type of eyelashes

Identify the type of your lashes. There are different types of mascara are designed for different types of eyelashes needs. Learn well your eyelashes; thick, thin, long, or short. When thin, select the two layers of mascara that comes with the outward appearance to thicken eyelashes. Usually this type of mascara consists of two sides. Side to side to the outward appearance of mascara and mascara base. Apply first coat of mascara base that will make your lashes look thicker. Once dry apply the mascara to affirm a new color.

Kim Kardashian Choosing Crazy makeup The Right Mascara

If your lashes thick and long, choose mascara with a brush shaped like a comb. Brush like this can make your eyelashes do not stick to each other at the time of applying mascara. As for the short ciliated, select a hair brush and mascara with a formula that could give the impression of more length.

Claire Danes Choosing The Right Mascara


Generally adapted to color hair color mascara. For day-to-day, black or dark brown color can be used according to skin color and hair. If there is a special event and would like experimenting with colored mascara, do not hesitate. Adjust the color of makeup and mascara with theme party theme to create different looks. For those who still doubt, wear black or brown mascara, and then just brush the edges with colored mascara.

Ashley Greene Choosing The Right Mascara

Mascara can also be used for nodes that have a long and thick eyelashes. This mascara gives only little effect confirmation of the eyelashes. Be sure to use pelentik lashes before using mascara nodes.

Rihanna Wearing Blue Choosing The Right Mascara


In addition to the function of reinforcing or extending eyelashes, mascara usually also usually equipped with extras such as waterproof formula or an anti glob. Water resistant or waterproof formulas are generally not recommended for everyday use because it can make lashes more dry.

Sandra Bullock Choosing The Right Mascara

Use a waterproof mascara if you will attend a party, in a state of frequent rain, will play with the water or go to an event that makes it easy to sweat. Be careful when cleaning the rest of waterproof mascara. The formula that makes lashes stiff can make your eyelashes brittle or fall out when cleaning.

Demi Lovato Choosing The Right Mascara Green Eye Makeup

Many top brands have now completed an anti glob of mascara with a formula. Often the perfect makeup looks disturbing because there are clumps of mascara on the lashes. If possible select a mascara formula that is equipped with an anti glob or anti-clump that is more perfect makeup.

Jenifer Aniston Choosing The Right Mascara


1. Replace mascara after 3-6 months even though the situation is still quite good.
2. To avoid disease, try not to exchange or borrow from each other mascara.

3. Use pelentik lashes before using mascara for maximum results. Using pelentik after applying the mascara could make eyelashes at risk of fracture and brittle.trendy hair style even for formal events.