Saturday, January 21, 2012

Celebrities Like Wearing Cheongsam

Though started as a Chinese woman in traditional clothing, cheongsam dresses now become one owned mandatory to appear fashionable celebrities, including Hollywood.

Nicole Kidman with red-gold cheongsam

BLU Cantrell combines blue cheongsam with a scarf and brown bag

Actress China CHI-LING LIN prove that cheongsam can also be a fancy dress nan glamorous on the red carpet

Singer Duffy in concert wearing a knee-length cheongsam recently

Even the legendary actress ELIZABETH TAYLOR is one of the fans were cheongsam

Kelly Preston look elegant with red cheongsam

MARISA Ramirez combines with a pair of knee-length cheongsam

VICTORIA Beckham with long sleeves cheongsam is black and gold