Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to Use the Right Bra

Selection of the right bra size not only support and maintain the shape, size and texture of breast beauty, but also affects the health of your body.

According to a survey, two thirds of women had experienced five times the change in bra size over their lifetime, as a form of weight changes up and down.

This is why the importance for women to always measure the bust size and cup size when buying a bra. Even more so now, many women buy bras just because the model and color only.

Niken Lucia, Marketing Manager Sorella, who met at a press conference Sorella 'Right Support' (7 / 1) explains that women should never be embarrassed or uncomfortable when measuring bra size to get a bra that fits. Even the women also do not hesitate if you have to menyobanya first.

"Many women, who buy a bra with one size. While wearing the same brand but different model, it could be a different size. Always check the size of the bra to try it when going to buy it," said Lucia.

Not just a bra size less attention, how to wear a bra properly is often overlooked by women. How to use the wrong bra turned out to affect the shape of the breast itself. That is important, women should know how to use a bra properly.

"Installing a good bra is the hunched body and put the breast into the bra cup, then set the hook and rope. When finished, lift both arms up and check whether both breasts you've entered into with the perfect cup. If you do not tertopang perfectly, could so the selection of bra you're wrong, and the risk of irritation, "said Lucia.

The way the course can be applied to the breast with any size, provided always use a bra that fit the size of your breasts. Do not loose because it can be saggy breasts, and nor too tight, because it can be irritating.

After learning how to use the correct bra, Lucia confirmed that the way the bra is also greatly affect leaching. And most importantly for women, to wash their own underwear, including bras, so as not to lose its shape.

"Soak the bra into soapy water (if possible, use liquid detergent) a little while. After that, the pat and immediately hung with clothes hangers. Remember do in squeeze and bend, as it will change its shape," he added.