Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beautiful Variety of Shoe Boots

The rainy season arrives, the time issue boots mainstay of the shoe closet. Or maybe you are still confused to choose boots that fit your style? look only celebrity style and boots shoes in the gallery below.

Or if you do not mind to feel sore for hours in order to look different like Victoria Beckham, why not try the thigh-high boots aka thigh-high boots?

If you do not mind frequent washing of shoes, boots and white is the right choice for displaying the impression pretty and feminine like Sarah Jessica Parker

Boots worn moss green color give Rachel Bilson a nuanced accents in black and white clothes

This looks light pink boots worn by eccentric rapper Nicki Minaj

Besides being easily combined, gray boots also make the appearance look younger. Look at LucyHale

Boots chocolate to make a simple dress look more attractive, as exemplified LuAnn De Lesseps

If confused choose boots, black is a safe choice, such as those used Katie Price

Kate Middleton happy to combine black boots with black stockings

Jennifer Hudson look glamorous with red boots made ​​of metal

With high heels, boots make the look more graceful, as shown Gwyneth Paltrow

Emma Watson looks relaxed without the right boots

Want to look stylish in an instant? Cameron Diaz knew the answer: red boots

Boots can be combined with a long dress in a contrasting color as exemplified Busy Phillips