Monday, May 28, 2012

7 Habits That Make Difficult Sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? The solution is to eliminate some of the habits below.

Reduce stay up
Who says it's bedtime for kids only? Consider your sleep schedule, especially on weekends. Our bodies adjust to the routine. If you do not sleep regularly - at 11 pm for a few days, then stayed up until 1 am the other day - your brain is not ready to sleep on weekdays.

Bring a book to bed
Reading before bed is the habit of many people. The problem is, your body will adapt to the routine - the body will resist the temptation to sleep before you finish a few chapters. Better to sit comfortably on the couch if you want to read. The bed should be restricted only for sleeping or sex.

Facebook opens up to lose track of time
The brightness of your computer screen can stimulate the brain. Plus, your brain will be hard to stop thinking about interesting things on the Internet, even if you're out of the site. Avoid the Internet play in the evening and turn off your computer. Give yourself a break from electronic goods.

The bed is not comfortable
The beds are good only worth starting at $ 500 (USD 4.6 million) to $ 3,000 (USD 28 million). Your money is not wasted. Good mattress will make you sleep more soundly. The same thing applies to sheets and pillows. Choose a soft pillow if you sleep on his stomach. Buy the pillow harder if you sleep sideways.

Bright alarm clock
The light of day can be very annoying if you want to sleep. The goal is to make the room dark as possible. Cover the hour is to buy a book or a small clock. You also can use the alarm on a cell phone.

Counting sheep
When unable to sleep, in vain if persist in the bed. If you've been trying to sleep for more than 30 minutes, the National Sleep Foundation suggests doing something ordinary, such as reading or watching TV. Activities that require little brain power will calm your mind. Before you know it, you'll be right back to bed.

Exercising at night
Exercising during the day will keep you fresh for hours. That's why you should not be exercising three hours before bedtime. Intense physical activity that will raise the temperature of the body and increase your energy - both disturbing the peace in the sleep transition.