Monday, May 28, 2012

Make-up Products Are Known For Sensitive Skin Compulsory

Certainly sensitive skin requires special attention. One chose the product as a result of skin irritation, acne, or other skin disorders.

Various writing on the bottle label make-up also appear. Starting from hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, until the term non-comedogenic. Which is appropriate for sensitive skin?

"Fragrance-free and unscented ''

Some products for sensitive skin is also often display a label "fragrance-free" alias-free fragrances. While the product "unscented" means without scent. Well be careful to distinguish the two. Fragrance-free means it does not contain artificial fragrances, whereas without the aroma could be using materials that eliminate the smell of perfumes or fragrances. So arom not necessarily free of perfume or fragrance-free.

Why is this important? Some skins have allergic reactions to artificial fragrances contained in beauty products. Not just make-up, products such as shampoo, soap, and moisturizers also often contain perfumes or fragrances added.

Artificial fragrance has a different reaction in each person. Allergies, such as itching, redness, or other allergic disorders are common allergic reactions to artificial fragrances. Artificial fragrance even called the five major causes of allergies in the world. In addition to having adverse effects on sensitive skin, in certain people, artificial fragrances can also be at risk of disrupting the brain and nervous system. Dizziness or shortness of breath is one of the symptoms caused by the substance.


Particularly vulnerable to skin blackheads, this product should be considered. This means that the labeled product, has been tested on oily skin is more vulnerable to blackheads. Blackheads often arise due to clogged pores due to the use of make-up. Generally it is more common in oily skin.

The product is claimed to be low-risk causes blackheads, blackheads good-looking black in the face (blackhead) or closed comedones are mostly white (whitehead). However, the effect of the labeled product in each skin is different. For very oily skin may experience the onset of comedones Andamasih resulting from the use of make-up is labeled non-comedogenic. If you are classified as very oily skin, you should first test the product on your skin before deciding to buy.


For allergies often have symptoms such as itching, redness, burning sensation on the skin, or other allergic reactions, this label should be noted. A hypoallergenic products will be labeled if it had passed the tests for various types of skin allergies. Each of the tested materials used to see an allergic reaction. The best materials are used to reduce allergic skin reactions.

Although it is difficult to prevent all types of skin allergies, but the majority of common allergic complaints have been tried on this product. There is no product that really guarantee there will be no allergic reaction, but at least owners of sensitive skin can choose labeled products is to reduce the risk of skin irritation.

Oil-free & Mineral Oil

Written product of oil-free or oil-free oil or lanolin contain very little or none at all. Oily skin is prone to acne, use of these products can reduce the risk of acne resulting from the use of oily make-up. But for dry skin, oil-free product with no label can actually help moisturize the skin.

Mineral oil is often written in the womb make-up is a light oil-based petroleum. Commonly used in lip balm products. Excessive use of products containing mineral oil can disrupt the body's natural moisture and less good for sensitive skin.

No similar effect on the cosmetic to different people. Before deciding to use a product for the long term you should do a little experiment first. Visit the store make-up of your choice and lay out a little product in your hands. Wait 24 hours to see her reaction. If there is a reaction to irritation or skin disorders, should consult a dermatologist for your good product.