Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bird Silver in Back Chen Ting-Jia

Cannes Film Festival The event was again held for a to-65 time. Moments that have a high prestige for the lovers of this film is also marred by a series of beautiful gowns the stars on the red carpet.

One of the most stunning actress is a unique dress from China, Chen Ting-Jia as he entered the premiere of the movie "De Rouille et D'Os" at the festival. Chen appeared with impressive length dress with a touch of silver transparent in his body.

The most interesting is when Chen turned, hugged the silver bird looked at the back. Chen seemed more beautiful face behind the silver shining, transparent impression material, and the silver birds that "hug".

The idea of ​​the bird is not the first figure on the red carpet, because since the beginning of the symbol is considered to strengthen the feminine side of users. No wonder the red carpet has long been filled with figures of birds. Evan Rachel Wood at the Golden Globe Awards and then use the dress with feathers at the bottom, which is painted green. Wrap dress Chloe Moretz used in Vogue / Fashion Fund Awards last year using images of birds at the top of the chest. Bjork swan dress used in the 2001 Academy Awards instead become a fashion icon when it's most unique.

In your opinion, let alone who is considered a symbol of the feminine side strengthens its users? How to dress Chen at the top?