Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Variety of Unique Handbags Celebrity

Some are made ​​of feather butterflies, there is a handle handcuffed, some resembling a shopping bag when it costs tens of millions. Here is a collection of unique bags that had brought Hollywood celebrities to the red carpet.

Men flirt, be careful! Dare to pinch the sexy Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls, might be stabbed by the bag.

This is not a puppet, but rather that the Chanel bag tote cute actress Jennifer Tilly.

Who said the skull could be a beautiful bag! Kylie Jenner proves otherwise.

Whether paid or not singer Paula Abdul to carry a handbag shaped cans of Pepsi Cola.

Do not always amazed to see Michelle Williams carrying a book on the red carpet. It was actually just a handbag
Already buy expensive, Lydia Hearst actually carried shopping bags? Eits instead. This is one unique model of Chanel bag.

Oriental nuances, Louis Vuitton bag that brought Zoe Saldana is also pretty unique look with a blend of gold and pink colors.

The smart way so that the bag is not lost, write your address on its surface. Only, Sophia Bushs YSL bag is labeled addresses YSL store in Paris.

At first glance, this handbag looks like Rose McGowan in a ponytail.

Emma Stone Lucite handbags are made from acrylic fur lining butterfly.

Emma Stone is known for his fondness for unique handbags. This one shows a similar grip ring shaped quadruplets two horses.

Looking at a used bag handcuffs Angelina Jolie, this bag seems safe from the threat of Snatcher.

Although shaped like a capsule, it does not mean it should only be filled bag of drugs, you know. Louboutin bag is carried by Katy Perry with clothes and hair are also blue.