Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kim Kardashian is tired of Use Botox, What about you?

More recently, quoted by The Sun (28/3), the face of reality show actress Kim Kardashian looks odd. He appeared to the public with a forehead somewhat flushed. To the media, he said, "I would not do this anymore. At least until the age of 40 later!"

Grievances arising from the botox which he did in the salon in Beverly Hills Laser Away, the United States. Salon claims that they are the best about botox injections. In fact, for the first time in his life, Kim flushed forehead. Expectations appear perfect in public suddenly vanished.

Botox has been such a part of world-class celebrity culture. Model and actress Brooke Shields is considered as the most regular botox user. Jennifer Lopez managed to rejuvenate the face with this technology. Not only women, men also use this celebrity. At The Orange County Register, Simon Cowell had said, "Botox is no more special than toothpaste. Both of them can [make a physical problem]. Once a year. Who cares?"

In essence, a substance that is injected beneath the skin to instantly meremajakannya this is a form of toxin or poison produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria. Comprised of a unique protein and is considered the most powerful neurotoxins ever discovered science. These toxins can manipulate the muscles under the skin so the outside will not look wrinkled.

Is it dangerous? Greatly, although for the sake of cosmetics, only one percent is used for injected beneath the skin. Some side effects of botox was surely lurk those who regularly inject this substance into the face.

As experienced by Kim Kardashian, your skin will appear red at some point botox injection needle puncture marks. Excerpted from the Mayo Clinic via Livestrong, the pain also appear along with the muscles that react to the skin caused by a puncture needle containing Botox.

The spread of the poison
There are times when the substance is dispersed through the lines of the muscles under the skin and into the crucial muscles in the body. Some serious symptoms such as difficulty breathing and speaking and swallowing may occur due to weakened muscles.

Unnaturally raised eyebrows
Due to a strong reaction to botox muscles, usually the raised eyebrows and looks natural. Excerpted from the Skin Tour, add a few doses at the point it can "neutralize".

Rigid head
Still revolves muscle reaction, your head will experience temporary stiffness of torture. It takes time to restore the situation to seem natural, that with all the muscles of the face rest.

Vague outlook
Usually happens if you inject Botox around the eyes. Relaxes the muscles which make the outlook suddenly becomes vague.

One of a series of adverse effects of Botox alone makes Kim Kardashian learned my lesson. What about those of you who still rely on Botox to rejuvenate the skin?