Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Step 4 Prevent Hyperpigmentation

Women often complain about the white skin is uneven due to the presence of spots aka the black spot. In dermatology, hyperpigmentation named this condition and are the result of pigment-producing melanocyte cells or excessive melamine.

But it was not only that, the danger of hyperpigmentation can also cause wrinkles, premature aging, skin is more sensitive and the most horrible is the skin tumor. Although in general it is more common in women, but hyperpigmentation can also occur in men.

Early signs are most commonly found is a black stain. Although it seems trivial, do not let go only if spots begin to interfere with your performance. According to Dr. Abraham Arimuko. Sp.KK who met at the launch of facial care products from The Body Shop, there are four steps to prevent hyperpigmentation:

1. avoiding the cause
One of the reasons why the body produces excess pigment is to protect the skin from the sun. In addition, the error selection of cosmetics and genetic factors also cause hyperpigmentation.

2. Proper care and routine
Respond to the facial skin is different from any kind of cosmetics are affixed to the face, then choose the most appropriate for your skin. Do not forget to always do the treatment after using a cosmetic cleansing routine.

3. Eating a healthy diet
Eating foods that contain free radical not only can prevent black spots or stains, but also delay the process of premature aging of the skin.

4. Consult a doctor
If the black spot appears to have started seriously dominate your face, this problem immediately consult a doctor to get proper care and handling.